Outdoor Education

We are lucky at Waberthwaite C of E Primary School to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through regular hands-on learning experiences. 

Class 3:

In Cycle C: Wabcaster Wednesday! In the summer term, we deliver a weekly fully skills-based curriculum through an immersive classroom based in the grounds of Muncaster Castle. This takes place weekly, from the middle of May until July; empowering the children to creatively utilise and further develop both their academic knowledge and skills - taking learning from the school site into real-life situations.

We explore the development of the site of the castle through history in the context of national and world history, working in collaboration with the curators at the castle; putting our compass and map reading skills into practice around the castle grounds and surrounding areas; honing our drawing and painting skills to create artwork for display both in school and the castle; exploring the biodiversity thriving in our local area AND MORE!

If you have any further queries, you can contact our school administrator, Mrs Yvonne Hey, in a number of ways.

Our postal address:Waberthwaite CE SchoolWaberthwaiteMillomCumbriaLA19 5YJ Telephone:01229717664  Email:admin@waberthwaite.cumbria.sch.uk
Please direct any queries relating to Special Educational Needs to: Mrs Sandra Cummings (Head Teacher)