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Parents describe a ‘warm and welcoming atmosphere’ which promotes a strong sense of belonging.

SIAMS 2018


This morning we had a "sing and sign" assembly with local Makaton tutor, Karen Baxter. We learnt that Makaton includes symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. We were able to sing and sign: 'The Big Ship Sails' and 'A Sky Full of Stars'.

Even Mrs J came out the kitchen to say how amazing you all were!

Skills Blox

For the whole of 2022-23, Years 2-6 have been working with the Primary Business Partnership on Skills Blox. This is a programme developed to raise aspirations of children and to increase self-awareness of their own talents, skills and interests and how these can be harnessed into their future careers. The children have worked in face-to face workshops with adults from a wide range of professions through the year including: police, police dog handlers, local councilors, physiotherapists, fire service, butchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, computer programmers, project managers and Sellafield nuclear police... the list goes on! The children have reflected on their learning at each step and their own skills and professions they may wish to explore.

We have been delighted to have been offered the opportunity to talk live to professionals including Asher Best from NASA, Environment and sustainability managers and specialists from Sellafield, Sadia Samas (Graduate mechanical engineer), Terri Hargreaves (Diversity and inclusion adviser), Phoebe Skillen (Plant engineer), Leon Towers (dog behaviouralist) and Lucy Dunn (education and marketing co-ordinator). This has really helped us in thinking about possible careers for us to aspire to!

We were excited to win 3rd place in the Rockerbox Explorer Challenge in the first half of the Spring term for reading so many non-fiction articles and answering the comprehension questions. We won a £25 Amazon voucher and used this to purchase more non-fiction texts on the topics children have found interesting in the articles.