Class 3

Autumn 2023

Our theme of learning centres around the continent of Africa!

Summer 2023

Wabcaster Wednesday! In the summer term, we deliver a weekly fully skills-based curriculum through an immersive classroom based in the grounds of Muncaster Castle. This takes place weekly, from the middle of May until July; empowering the children to creatively utilise and further develop both their academic knowledge and skills - taking learning from the school site into real-life situations.

We explore the development of the site of the castle through history in the context of national and world history, working in collaboration with the curators at the castle; putting our compass and map reading skills into practice around the castle grounds and surrounding areas; honing our drawing and painting skills to create artwork for display both in school and the castle; exploring the biodiversity thriving in our local area AND MORE!

Spring 2023

Our learning will centre around Ancient Egypt.

Autumn 2022

This term our learning will be based around Tudors.

Design Technology

As part of our study of Chinese culture we have been exploring Chinese food. This week we have created Chinese vegetable spring rolls.

They were delicious!

It's chicken chow mein this week with the children preparing and cooking all ingredients as a part of their DT lessons. 

The children then all had great fun experimenting with chop sticks to try to to eat it!

Lakeland Arts

We are embarking on a creative writing project with Lakeland Arts based on the concept of STEAM. We are writing short stories in partnership with Lakeland Arts at Windermere Steamboat Museum. These will form a part of an art installation at the museum over the coming months.

Autumn 2021

This term our learning will be based around Greece.

We joined other schools in Copeland to listening to Asher from NASA talking about his role in the future space develpment professional.


We have been using our computing skills and mathematical knowledge of angles to programme turtle to draw and variety of shapes including a square and a rectangle.

We have also been learning about the difference between an address bar and a search bar in an internet browser alongside the skills and knowledge we need to stay safe on the internet.


We are all learning the ukulele as our tuned instrument in whole class music and some of us are also learning the guitar in extra music lessons!


We have been learning all about electricity with Mrs Kirkbride-Woodend in science.

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